Generate Ideas

Creative Exercises

Ever find your mind as blank as the page in front of you? Write This Now helps you beat the blahs with timed writing sessions that feature randomised action prompts, striking images and unexpected word associations. Get weird and escape your inner editor.


Find Your Plot

Plotting Tools

It’s a story. Something has to happen, right? But, out of the infinity of choices, how do you find a thread which is at once elegant and surprising? Explore with timed exercises designed both to introduce an element of chance and help you find the plausible through line your work needs.


Plan and Revise

Story Structure Outlines

Sooner or later you have to put your boss hat on and impose some order on the creative chaos. With these exercises, you take a step back from the fray and look at the bigger picture. How effective are your characters? Are your scenes doing their job? Is your structure working?


Write This Now! is the Swiss Army knife of writing tools. It is a prompt-based writing environment with exercises for beating writer's block, generating ideas, making word count, planning and revising your project.

Why not jump right in? It's completely free, and you can try three exercises without even signing up. Head along to the app and pick an exercise. Image Prompt might be a good place to start if you're looking for writing ideas.