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Planning for NaNoWriMo?

If, like us, you're starting out on #nanoprep (or NaNoWriMo preparation for the less Twittery) try out the Write This Now planning tools.

Write This Now!

You know how a writing session goes. You check your email. Then you graze Twitter. You like this and retweet that. You follow a link and skim an article. Then you trip over the comments at the bottom of the page. Oh god, the comments! By the time you get round to writing you’re jaded and irritated with yourself and you hate the world.

What you need then is a tool to tell you to write, to get you started with an exercise, to remind you why you’re stoked by your work in progress. A tool that will put you back on track.

Write This Now! is the Swiss Army Knife of writing tools. Inevitably, here are some bullet points.

  • Scenario prompts
  • Word dice prompts
  • Image prompts
  • Plot generation games
  • Tools for assessing and developing your story structure
  • Character questionnaire
  • Scene checklist
  • More tools to come
  • Timer and word count
  • Save your work in easily copyable format

Why not try it out? Head along to the app and pick an exercise. Image Prompt might be a good place to start — because pretty pictures! A premium version will be available soon, but everything here is free on sign up.