Sometimes starting is the hardest part (actually, all of it is the hardest part but you notice starting first). Anyway, there’s something particularly daunting about an empty screen.

Write This Now is a multitool for writing exercises so naturally it has you covered for new ideas and word count. The aim here is to find the stories within you.

Simple Timer

Maybe all you need to get writing is a relentless countdown (with a pause button if you really need to cheat). Try it.

Scenario Prompt

What ifs, how abouts. Your character wakes up as a duck. A day in the life of a penny. Did someone tamper with our universe in 2016? You know the drill. Get writing. Try it.

Story Dice

A series of timed mini writing sessions on the theme of knife, cave, rocket. No, paw prints, field, gun. Actually, ladder, dinner, radio. Well, you get the idea. Incorporate one or all of the prompt words into each session. I use this one for plotting too. Try it.

Image Prompt

This one’s my favourite because of all the pretty pictures. Choose three of Flickr’s most interesting Creative Commons images and get writing. Procrastination warning: click on any image for a large version with the photographer’s often interesting sometimes bonkers commentary. Try it.

All your work is saved ready for transfer to your favourite word processor. Then you can, maybe, take out some of the crazy. No need to tell anyone just how odd the stories within you truly are.